The Lossen – From the streets of rural Bedfordshire to the silver screen

Bedfordshire may not immediately spring to mind when thinking about filmmaking. But the County actually has a long history of supporting high-quality filmmaking, both big and small. From the outstanding, The Dark Knight at Cardington Hangers to Eyes Wide Shut at Luton Hoo. Bedfordshire has played host to several big productions over the years. And now following in the footsteps of its much larger predecessors. A brand new short film, ‘The Lossen’, continues the County’s rich history of cinematic storytelling. Weaving themes of death, rebirth, loss and unfulfilled dreams into a short film that excels in creativity and imagination. While ensuring the audience has space to reflect on the themes sitting at its heart.

The Lossen (2018)

Filmed over one intensive week in the small North Bedfordshire village of Felmersham and a studio in London. The Lossen was brought to life by writer and director Colin Skevington. The spark of his script lies in the differing cultural and social attitudes to death within the eastern and western world. The scripts opening scenes featuring a Dickensian grim reaper, born from a daydream that slowly turned into a fully-fledged script.

The dramatic opening scene gave me the perfect opportunity to write a script that would begin a journey. One that would turn our view of death on its head, and show us a possibility of what could be.

Colin Skevington

However, from script to screen is never an easy process, especially in the world of short films. Colin and his team worked hard to secure private investment from individuals who believed in both his script and vision. A task that would eventually lead Colin and his team to the process of filming under a tight budget and even tighter shooting schedule. With residents of the small village of Felmersham providing warm meals and accommodation for the cast and crew during filming. Demonstrating the spirit of community action in a creative endeavour. While in turn helping The Lossen to rise from page to screen. Meanwhile, several serendipitous encounters through friends brought Hatti Beanland on board as the Director of Photography. At the same time, film composer Tom Linden came on board, having recently moved to the area.

However, it was the casting of Linda Marlowe (Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy and The House of Mirth) as Sylvia. And Sean Knopp (Doctor Who and Replace) as the ‘The Lossen’, alongside Albert Welling (Succession and Taboo) that would help cement the film as a potential sucess in the short film market.

Linda Marlowe came on board very quickly. She got the script on a Friday and said yes by the Sunday.

Colin Skevington

Alongside the community spirit, talent and creativity of the crew. The Lossen also garnered support from within the film industry. With Molinare TV and Film (The Crown and Killing Eve) leading post-production work. Ensuring The Lossen not only achieved a beautiful sound mix but also stood out from the crowd with a visual look that matched its delicious performances and script.

On Set ‘The Lossen’ ©️Barry Mayes

The hard work of the cast and crew is visible in every scene of the final product. At the same time, their collective commitment to quality, innovation and story has led to success on the US film festival circuit. With The Lossen winning the grand prize for fantasy at the Vortex Rhode Island International Film Festival. Alongside best short narrative at the Silver State Festival in Las Vegas.

This success is a testament to a script that echoes the dark humour of Tales of the Unexpected and the visual style and mystery of the BBC’s Inside Number 9. While equally finding its own unique creative style and voice in exploring universal themes of death and lost dreams. And with a second script in the works, it’s clear The Lossen could mark just the start of a series of films that embody British creativity at its best.

Writer and Director:  Colin Skevington

Cast: Linda MarloweSean KnoppAlbert Welling 

The Lossen is screening at Bedford Cineworld on Thursday 26th March 6.30 pm and 7.15 pm. Tickets and information are available here

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