Giant Little Ones (2019)

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High school coming out movies are a staple of LGBTQ cinema. Creating a challenge for new films in offering audiences themes and topics not already covered in a wide collective of films already within the genre. However with Giant Little Ones director Keith Behrman brings us a fresh twist on the genre while maintaining a high school movie aesthetic.

Franky (Josh Wiggins) and Ballas (Darren Mann) have been close friends since childhood, spending the majority of their days together. However, friendships are tested and changed following an alcohol fuelled night. Where burgeoning masculinity and teenage experimentation mix to create explosive results for both young men.

Early in proceedings Behrman dispatches with the usual motifs of the high school coming out story. Opting for a more contemporary exploration of sexuality in modern youth culture. While reflecting the changing landscape of teenage experience in the 21st Century. In turn exploring the barriers still affecting a diversity of young people in living their lives unrestrained.

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Director:  Keith Behrman

Cast: Josh WigginsDarren MannTaylor Hickson 

Giant Little Ones is now available to buy or rent on both DVD and streaming services

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