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Titans Season 2 – Despite a few minor stumbles, Titans are back with a bang

Titans season one debuted in 2018, providing a shining light in a sea of superhero TV shows. By not only giving a long-overdue platform to some of DC Comics most overlooked characters. But surrounding their debut with a decidedly adult tone. Reinventing the characters for a modern audience, while equally honouring their comic book roots.

One of the discernible strengths of Titans sat in the shows willingness to allow character development. Alongside a season that shone with superb casting choices, ensuring each character had space to shine on screen. 

Season one left us with a beautifully structured cliffhanger, as Dick Greyson (Brenton Thwaites) succumbed to the darkness of Trigon. Who’s deadly plan to take over the earth seemed unstoppable as he fed on the fears of those around him. And it’s fair to say season two starts with the same levels of energy and flare left in season one. As the audience find themselves thrown back into the darkness. Our intrepid group of young and older hero’s desperately trying to save the earth from Trigons power.

The first episode of season two, therefore, marks a natural end to the story arc created in season one. While in turn allowing for the rebuilding of the Titans family. A subject that lurked within the shadows of season one. Thus creating a season that acts as a bridge between the origin road trip of 2018, and the formation of a new Titans family.

Thankfully the darker and more adult tones of the first outing remain intact throughout the second season. Combining this aesthetic with a slow burn pace that allows the characters to continue their rebirth. However, as with many comic book TV shows of recent years, there is an unnecessary rush to conclude stories. A trait that has ultimately let down many fans, as classic villains have been introduced and dispatched too freely. However, despite this weakness, Titans continues to deliver something truly unique in the DC TV universe.

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This unique trait is especially felt within the introduction of new characters into the Titans family. Each one receiving a fully developed and dedicated individual episode. Ensuring they receive the space needed to fully explore the role and place of the character in the narrative. For example, season two uses this to great effect in the introduction of Connor (Joshua Orpin). And the story arc of Rose (Chelsea Zhang) and Jericho (Chella Man). All three given beautifully written performed and directed episodes. And when you combine this with the ongoing development of the stunning array of characters introduced in season one. Alongside the beautiful cinematography of Brendan Steacy, Boris Mojsovski, David Greene and Fraser Brown. The stage is set for a season that builds on the success of the first, while equally continuing to find its own unique voice.

Titans pulls off the often difficult challenge of a second season, despite a few minor stumbles. Continuing to build on the success of its first outing, while equally developing its place in the DC TV universe. And if the continued foundation building of season two can be maintained, there is no doubt that Titans is here to stay. Ensuring that the darker elements of DC’s TV universe remain in place with the ending of CW’s Arrow.

Whether it be The Flash or Titans, DC Comics heroes continue to shine on TV in a way they have not managed in many recent big-screen outings. With the exception of Joker, Shazam and Wonder Woman. And Titans only continues to add to this success. Ensuring the diversity of characters held by DC comics find their voice on the small screen.

Cast: Brenton ThwaitesTeagan CroftAnna Diop, Ryan Potter, Minka Kelly, Alan Ritchson, Conor Leslie, Curran Walters, Esai Morales

Titans Season Two is available on Netflix now

Brenton Thwaites and Alan Ritchson also appear in Ghosts of War

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