Men of Hard Skin (2019)

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Ariel (Wall Javier) lives and works on his fathers farm. His life held in limbo between the toxic masculinity of two opposing older men. In the first place his father who believes he can mould Ariel into the ‘ideal’ man. And secondly Omar (Germán Tarantino) the local priest who has abused Ariel throughout his childhood, and continues to emotionally control him. Ariels own sexuality and desire caught between the control of the priest and the demands of a heterosexual life in his rural village. His only escape being the use of body as tool for the desires of the other local men.

However as Ariel’s self worth grows, so does his realisation the community is toxic and damaged. His personal ‘coming out’ journey leading to the end of his abuse at the hands of others. As he takes his own destiny in hand

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