Hard Paint (2017)

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Pedro (Shico Menegat) is a lonely gay young man, his life turbulently thrown off course after assaulting a boy who bullied him in college. Unemployed and judged by the community surrounding him, Pedro earns money through erotic online performances. Where he covers his body in fluorescent paint, while dancing in front of his webcam for the pleasure of a hidden community. Pedro’s character encapsulating a mix of online bravery, erotism and colour with offline anxiety, isolation and fear. His alter ego of ‘Neon Boy’ providing a vent of self expression in claustrophobic city of judgement and limited opportunities. While he awaits trial for the college assault, knowing his sexuality and experience of homophobic abuse will not help him evade prison. 

However, when Pedro discovers that another online amateur is using his trade mark neon paint. While equally stealing his hard earn paying viewers, he decides to arrange a meeting with the mystery man. Only to find Leo (Bruno Fernandes) a local dance student striving for future success outside of Porto Alegre. While using the online world to build the money to leave for another country. Unlike Pedro, Leo is just as confident in his sexual orientation offline. His life surrounded by close friends as he strives to escape Porta Alegre for a new life.

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