An Impossible Love

“Un amour impossible’

Rating: 4 out of 5.

An Impossible Love is available to rent or buy now.

Acclaimed director Catherine Corsini has shown herself to be a masterful storyteller over the past 30 years. With An Impossible Love, Corsini continues to gift us her flair for bringing stories of intense power and nuance to the screen. Released in January 2019, An Impossible Love is a shining example of an emotional family drama that may have slipped you by on its release. And if this is the case, I strongly advise you find it online now.

Based on Christine Angot’s semi-autobiographical bestseller, we are taken on an epic and sweeping journey into the lives of a mother and daughter in Châteauroux, France. Their shared journey centred around a lover and absent father whose life holds secrets and actions that ultimately lead to devastating consequences.


The year is 1958, and 25-year-old Rachel (Efira) is about to meet a handsome yet mysterious young man in the office canteen. Philippe (Schneider) is a romantic intellectual from a wealthy family, his devilishly good looks and passion for art enthralling and exciting Rachel. It’s not long before a passionate relationship ensues, and Rachel finds herself pregnant with his child. However, despite his new daughter (Lescure), Philippe has no intention of marrying Rachel, or for that matter, allowing his daughter to bear his family name. Over the years that follow, Philippe manipulates Rachel until finally deciding to take an interest in his daughter’s life as she reaches her teens with devastating consequences.

Corsini wraps us in an epic journey that not only places women centre stage but delves into the darkness of narcissism, abuse and control. Here the viewer is surrounded by stunning yet subtle performances and exquisite cinematography that balances darkness and light to perfection. The result offers us a journey that unnerves and seduces the audience in equal measure through a biting social commentary on disillusionment, control and a reality blinded by love.

Director:  Catherine Corsini

Cast: Virginie EfiraNiels SchneiderJehnny Beth 

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