The Morning Show: The changing landscape of broadcast media

The Morning Show is streaming now on Apple TV.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Apple made an outstanding choice in commissioning The Morning Show as its first major drama for the new streaming platform. After all, the media world is still shaking from the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment and abuse allegations, and the #MeToo movement is finally centre stage. Therefore any drama that unflinchingly explores the role of men who have used their power and position as leverage in sexual desire is not only welcomed but essential viewing.

Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston) is the co-anchor of a morning talk show. However, when her co-host Mitch (Steve Carrell) is accused of sexual misconduct and fired, Alex’s career is thrown into turmoil. After all, how does a partnership of 15 years suddenly fall apart overnight? And how can a troubled TV Show ever recover from the scandal? As the show descends into chaos, Network Executive (Billy Crudup) spots an opportunity for change, bringing in a new talent that speaks to a changing American appetite for news, Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon). However, can an all female-presenting team actually work? Or are the men still sitting in the driving seat, pulling the strings?


It’s the talent onscreen and behind the camera that shines throughout every episode of The Morning Show as Apple TV offers us a drama that feels new, fresh and different. Here we find elements of Network (1976) combined with The News Room (2012) to create an engaging drama that excels in its broader #Metoo messages. The Morning Show is a snapshot of a male-orientated media landscape that speaks to the need for radical change. But it also talks directly about the changing landscape of TV News, highlighting the power of social media and soundbites as replacements for the once trusted role of the TV anchorperson. The resulting drama may not seek to answer every question it raises concerning #MeToo, social media, female empowerment and male power in season one but trust me, this is a show that will return for a second bite of the Apple.

Cast: Jennifer Aniston, Reece Witherspoon, Billy Crudup, Steve Carrell, Mark Duplas

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