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Very few documentaries have the power to transport you back to a specific time and place; Apollo 11 is one of those documentaries. Director Todd Douglas Miller taking you back to the hot summer of 1969. NASA’s beautifully restored 65mm footage creating the aesthetic of live TV coverage. Every scene oozing the excitement, adrenaline and awe of the moon landing.

However, for all the stunning technological achievement on show in Apollo 11, this is a deeply human journey. Showing our ability to combine our skills, intelligence and sense of adventure around a single endeavour. The world coming together in hope, idealism and for a brief moment peace. The final frontier of human knowledge captivating a whole generation of adults and children.

Apollo 11 shows humanity at its best, the space race born of cold war, briefly transcending its origins and political motives. As the power of exploration replaced nation building and division. This is a documentary that buzzes with humility, adventure, bravery and awe of space exploration. Hopefully inspiring a whole new generation to reach for the stars, and believe in us all as single human race spinning in the cold of space.

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