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The Gangs all back for the fourth in the Toy Story series. However this time they are joined by the enigmatic but slightly confused ‘Forky’. A homemade toy who is understandably slightly unsure about his origin and role in the group.

Despite its newcomer and familiar faces Toy Story 4 is very much Woody’s film. Completing a journey began back in 1995 while allowing his character to accept a new future. With a road trip that has you laughing and crying like a child no matter how old you are.

Toy Story 4 is a deep exploration of what it really means to be alive. Alongside the journey we must all take in exploring new ideas and freedoms. Learning to stand on our own two feet, or lolly pop sticks.

Beautifully designed and delivered Toy Story 4 truly shines from the first scene to the last with intelligence, sincerity and love.

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