Angel Has Fallen – as tired as the performances at its heart

21st August 2019

Angel has Fallen is now showing in cinemas nationwide.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

In 2013 Olympus fell, followed quickly in 2016 by London – each fall was full of explosions, thrilling action and as many innocent deaths as possible as Mike Banning attempted to protect the very foundations of democracy. Now, Gerard Butler is back as secret agent Banning in Angel Has Fallen, and one can’t help but feel that disaster and terror follow him wherever he goes.

However, this time, it’s not a city or building under siege but Banning himself, as he is framed for the attempted murder of the President (Morgan Freeman) while on a sleepy fishing trip. As Banning becomes a fugitive, he must unpick the mystery behind his predicament while reuniting with his mountain hermit dad (Nick Nolte) in a nod to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. However, unlike the third Indie outing, Angel Has Fallen is bland and sloppy, opting for explosions and gunfire over the story at every turn. Gerard Butlers, Banning seems as bored and tired of the relentless death toll as we are, while Banning Senior (Nick Nolte) spends his time mumbling incoherently. Meanwhile, Morgan Freeman’s President Trumbell remains in a coma for much of the film; a lot like the audience.

Angel Has Fallen firmly sticks to the tried and tested action set pieces of the first two outings, and for some, the testosterone-fuelled experience will be enough to hold their attention. However, Banning’s third outing is entirely void of creativity or innovation for those seeking anything new.

As a result, Angel Has Fallen never pushes the boundaries of the genre it inhabits, its story as tired as the performances at its heart. However, for those seeking two hours of dull escapism, there may be enough to keep them mildly entertained. I can only hope that Angel Has Fallen marks Banning’s retirement; surely he would be happier selling ice creams outside the White House or working as a security guard at his local shopping mall.


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