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Now Available to Stream or Buy – If Beale Street Could Talk

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How do you follow the Oscar winning exploration of deprivation, identity and sexual orientation found in Moonlight?

If you are Barry Jenkins, you bring us a stunning adaptation of James Baldwins novel. Exploring family, love, racial profiling and endurance in 1970’s Harlem.

Showing the endurance and power of love in the face of discrimination, not just on a romantic level, but also on a family and community level. The script, much of which is taken straight from the book, offers a poetic resonance to the film, with clear reverence for the source material.

Performances are nuanced and strong, with cinematography that not only captures the era, but plays with colour alongside light and darkness to create a masterpiece of visual art. Coupled with a score of beauty, this is a film that will stay with you long after the credits roll.

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