Vox Lux – Review

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In an ever more polarised world of conflicting ideologies, violence and terror. What is the role of entertainment and fame in shaping public opinion and beliefs? This is just one of the questions raised in Brady Corbet’s second directorial feature Vox Lux.

In essence Vox Lux presents us with a modern day parable of fame, social belonging and segregation. While exploring pre and post 9/11 society through an entertainment industry built on infant fame and emotional manipulation. In turn imbedding itself under the skin of the viewer in way few other films manage.

Split into two acts bookended by a prologue and finale. Vox Lux is a nuanced journey into life of Celeste (Cassidy/Portman). A young women who survived a high school shooting in 1999. Only to be thrown into a world of instant fame following her performance at a memorial concert for her lost classmates.

Narrated by Willem Dafoe, Vox Lux takes us on a journey from the first whisperings of Celeste’s fame to her eventual idol status. While embedding the journey against the backdrop of an increasingly fragmented world, reeling from terror and forced change. Equally reflecting the growing cult of celebrity, as people search for belonging and status.

Vox Lux (2019)

While implanting the seeds of social commentary, Vox Lux equally never attempts to provide all the answers. Opting to allow its audience the freedom to build opinions and thoughts on the journey Celeste takes.

While Natalie Portman gives a powerhouse performance as the older Celeste, alongside a truly stunning younger portrait of the character from Raffey Cassidy. With both women showing the power and influence of an entertainment industry built on success at any cost. Providing us with a deeply emotive journey into the world of woman who is not only damaged by her experiences. But also engulfed by the mirage of fame, as it eats away at her reality and consumes the her very being.

These performances when matched with a design rich in style, sound. Not only creates a brash and bold sensory journey, but one that utterly compelling and addictive. Matching many of the themes that sit at the core of the narrative.

Director: Brady Corbet

Cast: Natalie PortmanJude LawStacy Martin, Jennifer Ehle, Raffey Cassidy

William Dafoe also appears in The Lighthouse

Natalie Portman also appears in Star Wars Episode III (coming soon)

Jude Law also appears in Captain Marvel

Brady Corbett also appears in Alone on Valentines Day

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