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Avengers Endgame (Review)

The Avengers journey has been a true cultural phenomenon of modern film, reigniting the superhero genre while dovetailing a whole cinematic universe of colour and diversity into a core central journey alongside characters of depth. While not always perfect in plot devices, Endgame manages to deliver an exquisite curtain call for characters who have become central to the rebirth of comic books on screen.

Greta – Review

(Spoiler Free) Neil Jordan (Breakfast on Pluto, The Butcher Boy and Company of Wolves) is well known for bringing adult fantasy/horror to the big screen. Often dovetailed with social commentary and contemporary themes, Jordan’s filmography is that of a truly visionary force in cinema. With Greta, Jordan opts for a far more mainstream thriller/horror that delights in parts, but struggles …

Eighth Grade – Review

Bo Burnham’s stunning directorial debut Eighth Grade, is a beautiful reflection of early adolescence in all its awkwardness. The tentative steps into adulthood mixing with the humour of coming of age. While providing a truly remarkable film that captures the emotions, turmoil and development of being 13 in a fresh and natural style. Eighth Grade never seeks to over dramatise …

Pet Sematary (2019)

Pet Sematary falls into the same trap as countless film remakes, trying to offer something unique and different, but in turn straying from the original source material and the power of the story. Ultimately this is an unneeded remake of a classic horror film, that deviates from King’s book in a haphazard and clumsy way, leading to disappointing final product.
Some barriers are not meant to be broken; remaking Pet Sematary was one of them. Watch the original film or read the book instead.  Click for the full review

The Sisters Brothers

Despite its flaws, The Sisters Brothers takes the western genre and blends it with character studies that provide humour, depth and warmth; challenging a series of age-old genre boundaries. This is a film that provides an eccentric and beautifully shot journey while providing enough mainstream entertainment alongside its creativity and difference to appeal to most audiences.