Jamie Patterson’s exploration of mortality, identity, family and inter generational friendship sores in its narrative and delivery.

Made across just 10 days, Tucked is a beautiful, funny and emotional character study that never seeks to play to stereotypes or cliches.

Jackie or Jack (Derren Nesbitt) is an ageing drag queen on the Brighton scene, delivering a mixture of old fashioned comedy and lip sync performances every night on stage. On finding out he has terminal cancer Jackie befriends a new 21 year old drag performer at the club, Faith (Jordan Stephens) with a friendship developing that offers hope and joy in the face of limited mortality.


Patterson delivers a truly remarkable film on a shoestring budget, that not only celebrates life but also offers deep emotional resonance in its central character study. Tucked provides a layered and engaging script, beautifully delivered by its central cast. Matched by cinematography that uses the Brighton landscape to stunning effect; echoing the films core narrative with urban and natural landscapes.

Nesbitt and Stephens give natural and nuanced performances, bringing their characters to life in glorious technicolour, while challenging inter generational and intercultural stereotypes; both actors playing off each other impeccably in delivery. Humour is superbly timed, never allowing the film to get stuck in what could be a tale of sadness; offering light, humanity and joy alongside the powerful emotions attached to limited life.

Sexuality and gender are explored against inter generational concepts of gender conformity, and stereotyped views of sexuality and drag; allowing for a convergence of generational learning in both characters.

A deep and emotional core layered with humour and love, Tucked is destined to become a modern classic of British LGBT cinema.

Country: United Kingdom 🇬🇧

Director: Jamie Patterson


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