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Winner of the Queer Lion as this years Venice Film Festival. Director Li Cheng brings us a modest and beautifully shot film focusing on hidden love, culture and family in Guatemala.

Following José a 19 year old young man who supports his mother in a tough inner city environment, this is a film that offers a rare portrait of gay life in modern Guatemala. Documentary like in its vision José is an exquisite exploration of masculinity, love and lost opportunities, that will stay with you long after the credits roll.

José cinematography is stunning throughout; often feeling like a photographic essay of Guatemalan society. This is a film where honesty shines through with natural performances that offer true sincerity and emotion; love, sex and cultural identity all dealt with in a realistic and naturalistic manner.

For some José will not offer the simple conclusions they desire, but this is an exceptional portrait of young gay life in a society where poverty of opportunity and cultural boundaries limit sexual freedom.

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