Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life

Quick Read Review

Tomer Heymann is one the brightest documentary filmmakers currently in the industry. Eight years in the making Heymann’s new film ‘Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life‘, explores the life of porn superstar Jonathan Agassi. Delivering a nuanced commentary on the porn industry, family and the personal demons of man living through a created persona.

From the outset Heymann’s ‘fly on the wall’ documentary that has no intention of muting or censoring the life of its lead. Providing the audience with a filter free exploration of a life lived on the rough edges of the porn industry. An industry centred on money, fantasy and bodies as financial commodities. Agassi bravely placing himself, his family and his insecurities and struggles in front of the camera. A man living through a character owned by millions of men worldwide. Fulfilling men’s fantasies, while hiding the emotional trauma of the role.

Heymann navigates the ethical issues of filming Agassi with a delicate, yet powerful touch; never shying away from the hard realities of his life. While offering a documentary that surprises in its heartfelt exploration of the light and dark inherent in the porn industry. Alongside the long term effects of living a double life; the public and private never finding peace in co-existing.

A documentary that delivers far more societal commentary than you initially expect. Jonathan Agassi is complex and brave personal journey that talks to the social issues of drugs, mental health and homophobia prevalent in gay male communities.