BFI Flare – Shorts ‘Coming Out’ 2019

Isha (UK) 15mins


Exploring the interface between religion, identity and family in sexual orientation. Isha engages its audience on a personal level, portraying the challenge of balancing multiple identities in modern day London. Beautifully shot and performed Isha is a well constructed short exploring its subject matter with care and tenderness.

Black Hat (USA) 15mins


Exploring a man in the insular orthodox Jewish community, Black Hat covers 24 hours in the life of a man leading two separate lives; one inside his community and one outside of the communities boundaries. Black Hat not only challenges the strict boundaries of insular religious communities, but also challenges our perceptions of those living within these communities

Break Me (Norway) 15min


Exploring the barriers of family and religion in freedom to explore your sexuality, Break Me is uncompromising in its critique of masculinity in religious communities. Creating a feeling of claustrophobia from the outset, Break Me clearly demonstrates the challenges facing those who don’t fit the model of the community that houses them.

October Boy (Denmark) 29mins


A beautiful journey into early sexual identity, October Boy mixes the confusion and longing of burgeoning sexuality perfectly. Following a teenage boy through the maze of friendship, early desire and conflicted feelings; this is a short that reminds the viewer of the complexity of teenage emotion.

Black Lips (Australia) 15mins


Exploring masculinity and hidden desire, Black Lips focuses on the random meetings that can expose long hidden emotions and desires.

High Tide (Netherlands) 22mins


Running away from a potential divorce a chance meeting enables the uncovering of long repressed desire and truths with a stranger who cares. A beautifully shot and performed short that shows the emotional impact and guilt of hidden sexuality

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