Captain Marvel (Review)

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Continuing the Marvel cinematic journey, Captain Marvel takes us back to a time before the Avengers. Where Carol Danvers or Vers (Brie Larson) is the first intergalactic hero to meet Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson).

From the outset the Marvel formula is present, mixing humour and action with solid performances from an experienced cast. However, unlike previous Marvel pictures, Captain Marvel never truly takes flight. Its hybrid mix of Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America – The First Avenger never finding anything new beyond standard popcorn fare. As a result, character development feels mundane in what should have been an origin movie. While its busy narrative feels nothing more than a set up for the conclusion of the Avengers journey. Humour is delivered via the 90s earth location, with the majority of action delivered in space. Creating a somewhat confused film that never finds its stride.

The disappointment inherent in Captain Marvel is not dissimilar to Ant Man and the Wasp. Both films feeling forced in their creation while lacking the emotional attachment of earlier Marvel movies. The opportunity in building a strong female-led hero picture ultimately squandered as the studio focus on the Avengers.

While there are elements of brilliance, mainly delivered through the on-screen partnership between Larson and Jackson. Captain Marvel, unfortunately, leaves you both uninspired and underwhelmed.

Captain Marvel is fun and humorous but lacks anything fresh or new in its delivery. As a filler film it does its job admirably, but as a stand-alone origin film it never truly leaves the starting blocks.

Director: Anna BodenRyan Fleck

Cast: Brie LarsonSamuel L. JacksonBen Mendelsohn 

Ben Mendelsohn also appears in The King

Samuel L Jackson also appears in Avengers Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home

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