Capernaum is a masterclass in film making, from direction to performances, cinematography and sound.

Nadine Lebaki leads us through the streets of Lebanon with voracity, using the camera to powerfully reflect a young boys view of his world. This creates a film where you feel Zains emotional responses, a small boy lost in a big and hectic world. Capernaum is never afraid to show the realities of poverty, neglect and hope against oppression.

Zain Al Rafeea’s performance is one of pure authenticity and beauty. You believe in him, root for him and desperately long for him to find happiness. His expressions reflect his world with no speech needed. This is a young man of outstanding ability working with a visionary Director to create a film that feels utterly real.

Capernaum echoes a Dickens novel, a sharp exploration of childhood in the face of poverty, exhortation and oppression. It reminds us that a utopian view of childhood is still far from reality for many children in our world.

Film is at its most powerful when it holds a mirror to the world we live in, telling stories that make us reflect, laugh, cry and seek to build a better world Capernaum does this every minute of its running time.



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