A Private War

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A Private War is intense, challenging and important film making.

Rosamund Pikes portrayal of Marie Colvin across the final 10 years of her life is sincere and loving, but also tough and real. Pikes performance shows Colvin’s vulnerability and strength in equal measure. A journalist of deep integrity and passion, never satisfied with an answer, and always seeking more. Even if this leads to personal loss and self destructive choices.

A Private War never seeks to underestimate the tough life front line journalism brings, or the choices individuals make in coverage of War.

This is realistic film making, at times deeply uncomfortable, with the vivid and brutal nature of recent world conflicts laid bare.

The film does at times struggle in how to fully portray a women of Marie Colvin’s tenacity and complexity in a drama, rather than a documentary format. There are times, even with the outstanding performance from Pike, where you want to hear the late Marie Colvin’s views and thoughts on the situations you are viewing. However this does not distract from the core messages of this film, especially in our turbulent modern world.

A Private War reminds us of the essential role journalism plays in speaking truth to power, and the drive and diligence of those who believe in bringing this to us.

This is important film making, covering the life of one of our most influential modern day reporters. But beyond that, it reminds us all of the horror war brings to the innocent and the violence of our world in recent years. A Private War asks us all to step out of the bubble of isolation and indifference and listen to the stories being told in world journalism today.

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