Single this Valentines Day? 10 alternative Valentines films

Here are 10 alternative films for those of you spending Valentines Day alone. So sit back with a big box of chocolates, a glass of your favourite tipple and enjoy a night on your own. Single is so much easier!

1 – The Loved Ones 2009

If anything could make you feel relieved to be single it’s this grisly Australian horror exploring sexual obsession. Hit the lights, pour a drink and thank god you are single and have no dodgy admirers.

2 – Weird Science 1985

What would life be like if you could invent the perfect sexual partner? John Hughes provides us with a master class in teen fantasy comedy that has often been copied but never improved. It’s a reminder that our dreams are often far more perfect than reality.

3 – The Princess Bride 1987

Loose yourself in a fairytale that challenges everything you remember from childhood, and above all remember the importance ofMawage. Mawage is wot bwings us togeder today. Mawage, that bwessed awangment, that dweam wifin a dweam

4 – The Beach 2000

Love in the sun, in a perfect island retreat is never easy. Life was so much easier for Richard as a single backpacker than in the idealistic sexually charged world of the beach.

5 – I Love You To Death 1990

Your husbands cheating on you and your teenage friend and mother decide he has to go. Trouble is no matter how hard they try he can’t be killed! Dark comedy at its finest that proves marriage and murder can be very complicated.

6 – Meet Joe Black 1998

Death makes you a deal, but death also has a real soft spot for your daughter. Just feel lucky you are single, and death is not sexually attracted to you.

7 – The Poseidon Adventure 1972

Love and companionship mean nothing in a disaster picture that has old ladies swimming in engine rooms and priests swinging from watertight doors. Get ready to shed a tear and thank the heavens you’re single in the upside down cruise from hell.

8 – Rough Night 2017

A night out with old friends is always fun until the stripper you ordered dies whilst grinding on your mates lap. Rough Night reminds us all that love, sex and partying can be extremely messy at any age!

9 – Psycho 1960

Think you have problems? It’s nothing compared to Norman Bates and his love of taxidermy, a deceased mother and women taking showers. Get comfy, dim the lights, and enjoy having the house to yourself. But remember to check for any spy holes in the bathroom the next time you shower.

10 – The Shining 1980

I have no doubt Wendy more than once regrets her marriage vows as she swings a baseball bat at Jacks head. Just think how much easier the Overlook would have been for a single person.

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