All is True

All is True is a poetic and well crafted tale exploring the final years in William Shakespeare’s life. All is True shines in its use of Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets to explore the final years of man whose life has been dedicated to his craft, grounding these in a quiet but assured tale of mortality, family and love. Performances are captivating, allowing an experienced cast to shine with a script that offers humour, wit and sadness in equal measure. All is true never attempts to gloss over or romanticise the puritanical age in which Shakespeare lived and the atmosphere of shame, control and inequality. This only further empowers the genius of his writing and its enduring appeal in our modern society.

All is true is meditative in its pace, and some viewers might find this a challenge. However, if you don’t struggle with it’s pace, All is True is a sharp performance driven drama with a truly unique take on Shakespeare’s later life.

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