Monthly Archives: February 2019

Benjamin (Review)

Simon Amstell is well known for his cutting satirical comedy. While weaving humour into ordinary situations that embody a love for his characters and their locations. With his debut feature film, Amstell takes these skills to the big screen with a film that does not disappoint. Not only providing us a rich romantic comedy but one that is full of …

A Private War

A Private War is intense, challenging and important film making. Rosamund Pikes portrayal of Marie Colvin across the final 10 years of her life is sincere and loving, but also tough and real. Pikes performance shows Colvin’s vulnerability and strength in equal measure. A journalist of deep integrity and passion, never satisfied with an answer, and always seeking more. Even …

The Kid Who Would Be King (Review)

It has been eight years since writer/director Joe Cornish released the outstanding Attack the Block. And his return to our cinema screens this month proves more than worth the wait. With The Kid Who Would Be King delivering an intelligent, witty and engaging adventure. Providing a fantasy adventure born of the challenges inherent in our current world. A world where …

The Granada Bedford – The loss of our cinematic heritage

My first experience of cinema was the stunning, grand and magical Granada Cinema Bedford, as a child I will never forget the awe of this 1930s picture palace. Sitting opposite St Peters green in the town, it owned its surroundings with an assured and comforting design, a home to all the big screen adventures and experiences the week had to offer. I remember with fondness the long queues for a film, stretching around the corner of the building, the box office lined with red curtains, where you were issued with a small paper ticket that led to the large sweeping staircase, the Granada’s huge auditorium awaiting you.
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